Dickens Christmas Fair


Join Mr. Dickens and Over 700 Characters from his life and imagination!

$25.00/person – Includes ticket and transportation

San Francisco Cow Palace

Bus leaves Temelec Hall at 9:30 am and will return approximately 4:00 pm

To reserve your space please call Nancy Pharo 935-7808 before November 1st.


Article about Colonel William Kissane Rogers, second owner of Temelec Hall.

gt48_temelec_hallI recently received this very interesting letter from Joseph Kissane, who is a distant relative of Colonel William Kissane Rogers, second owner of Temelec Hall. Here is a link to the article that Mr. Kissane has very kindly shared with us. Please contact him if you have additional information about this fascinating man, or simply to thank him. Click on the link below to read the article, now with illustrations.

William Kissane Rogers Journal Version

To the Temelec Website: I came upon your newsletter as Temelec was witness to a significant part in the history of William Kissane Rogers, a man who is of great interest to me.  While the articles in the newsletter related to William Kissane Rogers are largely accurate in representing his character, I would like to offer this article I prepared on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the man’s death.  It is probably beyond the length that would be useful for your newsletter but it might be something to have if residents of the area are interested in the history of this remarkable person. I would also ask that you treat this article as my intellectual property, as I have invested a great deal of effort into the re-discovery of the life and times of William Kissane Rogers. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in this regard.

Sincerely, Joseph Kissane Chicago, IL



The July newsletter and calendar is now on the website. Due to work pressures, I am unable to continue as publisher and have handed over my templates to Nancy Pharo who has kindly put together this month’s issue. I made a lot of changes in the layout and design over the past six months, not all of them popular! But it was a fun project and I want to thank Gayle Crawford and Ann Murphy for their help and support. The Social Club is still seeking a permanent editor. Please call Sharon Cornelius if you are interested. 935-9505.

In related news, the Temelec HOA Board is working on developing their own means of communicating directly with the residents, the separate newsletter being the first step. This website will no longer include HOA documents and alerts in anticipation of the Board’s plans to have their own means of communicating with residents electronically.

Thank you to many of you who wrote and called over the past year or so with kind words about the website and newsletter, and contributed photos and articles. I shall continue to manage this website and always welcome your suggestions.