Latest Additions to the Library

book-cartBoyd, William   Waiting for Sunrise
Bryant, Will   Escape from Sonora
Carcaterre, Lorenzo   Sleepers
Carter, Katy   London and the Famous
Chevalier, Maurice   I Remember It Well
Coulter, Catherine   Hemlock Bay
Goerner, Fred   The Search for Amelia Earhart
Guillou, Jan   Enemy’s
Iacocca, Lee   Iacocca
Indridason, Arnaldus   Silence of the Grave
Larsson, Stieg   The Girl Who Played with Fire
Littell, Robert   The Company
Luard, Nicholas   Andalucia
Niven, Jennifer   Ada Blackjack
Novak, William   Man of the House
Ouspensky, P. D.   The Search of the Miraculous
Riley, Judith Merkle   The Oracle Glass
Selznick, David O.   Memo
Weaver, Michael   Impulse

Thanks to Cary Boulet, Our Librarian