Latest Additions to the Library

book-cartBoyd, William   Waiting for Sunrise
Bryant, Will   Escape from Sonora
Carcaterre, Lorenzo   Sleepers
Carter, Katy   London and the Famous
Chevalier, Maurice   I Remember It Well
Coulter, Catherine   Hemlock Bay
Goerner, Fred   The Search for Amelia Earhart
Guillou, Jan   Enemy’s
Iacocca, Lee   Iacocca
Indridason, Arnaldus   Silence of the Grave
Larsson, Stieg   The Girl Who Played with Fire
Littell, Robert   The Company
Luard, Nicholas   Andalucia
Niven, Jennifer   Ada Blackjack
Novak, William   Man of the House
Ouspensky, P. D.   The Search of the Miraculous
Riley, Judith Merkle   The Oracle Glass
Selznick, David O.   Memo
Weaver, Michael   Impulse

Thanks to Cary Boulet, Our Librarian

Latest Additions to Our Library

bookThese are the latest books donated to the library in the Hall. Thanks to Cary Boulet, our volunteer librarian.

Anderson, Suzanne  –  Mrs. Tuesday’s Departure
Bigley, Louis  –  Wartime Lies
Blackstock, Terri  –  Miracles
Bryan, Helen  –  The Sisterhood
Bryan, Helen  –  War Brides
Clark, Mary Higgins  –  I’ll Walk Alone – LP
Delinsky, Barbara  –  Shades of Grace
Dunant, Sarah  –  Blood and Beauty
Francis, Clare  –  Night Sky
Grisham, John  –  Theodore Boone
Hamill, Pete  –  Snow in August
Hazel, Joan  –  The Last Guardian
Morrow, Karleene  –  Destinies
Preston, Douglas  –  The Monster of Florence
Rowell, David  –  The Train of Small Mercies

Latest Additions to the Library

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 10.29.11 AMAdamson, Gil  –  The Outlanders

Armstrong, Charlotte  –  The Treasury of Charlotte Armstrong

Baldacci, David  –  Hell’s Corner

Conroy, Pat  –  South of the Broad

Dickenson-Carr, John  –  The Treasury of John Dickenson-Carr

Ghiglieri, Michael  –  Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon

James, Henry  –  The Golden Bowl

Kidd, Sue Monk  –  The Invention of Wings

Kuhne, Cecil  –  Near Death on the High Seas

Medoff, Jillian  –  I Couldn’t Love You More

Michaels, Barbara  –  Mistress of Shadows

Rickman, Alyson  –  The Lost Wife

Roy, Jennifer  –  Yellow Star

Silbley, Priscella  –  The Promise of Stardust

Thor, Brad  –  Black List


New Books in Library

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 10.29.11 AMHere are the latest titles added to our library in the Hall. Thanks to Cary Boulet for monitoring the donations.

Beaton, M.C.               Busy Body

Brendan, Maggie       Deeply Devoted

Kelly, Erin                   The Burning Air

Kelly, Erin                   The Dark Rose

Macomber, Debbie    Starting Now

Malliet, G. M.              Wicked Autumn

McBride, James         The Color of Water

Pears, Iain                  The Portrait

Penny, Louise            How the Light Gets In

Preston & Child         Two Graves

Wan, Michelle            A Twist of Orchids

Titles added to Library

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.10.38 AMThis is a list of the most recent books added to the library in Temelec Hall.

Brid, Anne – Blood Brother

Brooks, Geraldine – People of the Book

Cantor, Jillian – Margot

Cox, Elizabeth – The Slow Moon

Crombie, Deborah – The Sound of Broken Glass

Harrison, Kim – White Witch Black Curse

Lescroart, John – The First Law

May, Peter – The Black House

McCourt, Frank – Tis

Nesser, Hakan – Mind’s Eye

Peters, Elizabeth – Guardian of the Horizon

Wallop, Douglas – The Other Side of the River

Weimar, Jennifer – Certain Girls

New Additions to the Library

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.10.38 AMThese titles are now available in the library in the Hall:

Bohjalian, Chris – Midwives
de Gramont, Nina  – Gossip of the Starlings
Gildiner, Catherine – Too Close to the Falls
Goolrick, Robert – A Reliable Wife
Gruber, Michael – The Book of Air and Shadows
Hannah, Kristin – True Colors
Hazzard, Shirley – The Great Fire
Hillerman, Tony – The Shape Shifter
Kay, Terry – Shadow Song
Lamb, Wally – The Hour I First Believed
Lively, Penelope – Making It Up
Lively, Penelope – Consequences
Moaveni, Azadeh – Lipstick Jihad
Osmond, Marie – The Key is Love
Patchett, Ann – State of Wonder
Patchett, Ann – Run
Patterson, James – Honeymoon
Salzman, Mark – The Soloist
Stockett, Kathryn – The Help
Stout, Elizabeth – Olive Kitteridge
Urquhart, Jean – The Underpainter

Latest Additions to the Library

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.10.38 AMBrundage, Elizabeth A Stranger Like You
Chadwick, Elizabeth Shadows and Strongholds
Ford, Jamie Hotel in the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Franzen, Jonathan Freedom
Gillham, David City of Women
Harlow, Bill Circle William
Llywelyn, Morgan After Rome
McNees, Kelly O’Connor In Need of a Good Wife
Nemirovsky, Irene All Our Worldly Goods
Scottoline, Lisa Save Me
Trigiani, Adriana The Shoemaker’s Wife
Verghese, Abraham Cutting for Stone