NextDoor is a Great Way to Stay Informed

neighborhoodNextDoor is a great way for neighbors to share information, alerts, items for sale, recommendations and other useful neighborly advice. It is entirely safe and is growing in popularity, especially in senior communities. So far 35 people have accepted the invitation on this website to join their Temelec neighbors on NextDoor, bringing the total number of Temelec residents on NextDoor to 95. In addition to Temelec, you also have the option of sharing with 188 residents of Creekside and many residents of nearby Sonoma communities.

The HOA Board has requested that not be used for alerts and HOA business, so even more reason to join NextDoor to stay informed on a timely basis.

Just click on the link below and you can join for free.

Important Security Update from HOA

Temelec has undergone demographic changes over the past several years. We have seen an increase in non-residents, unaccompanied by a resident, walking our grounds and entering Temelec Hall to “look around” and in some cases to use the rest room facilities. We have also seen an increase in petty theft, (note our California flag is missing from the Hall porch). Attempts, some successful, at breaking into units at the RV lot have occurred. The Board of Directors has decided that, for the safety of our facilities and personnel, additional precautions need to be taken.

Security cameras were installed at the clubhouse a few months ago. We have recently decided to keep the office door locked with admission only by permission. We are planning to add a camera and intercom at the office to allow visual and oral contact with visitors before admission. Our cleaning service has been instructed not to allow anyone in the hall while she is working.

Last week, the locks in Temelec Hall were rekeyed. The clubhouse will now be locked at all times unless a function is happening. With this change, new keys will be issued to any residents needing them. If you do not have a key, access can best be gained by a call to the office in advance of your arrival. This change is not intended to limit residents’ enjoyment and use of the Hall. Furthermore, this change affects the Hall and not the exercise facilities or pool areas.

We will also be adding to the signs reminding people that Temelec is private property and not open to the public.

We hope these changes will provide a greater measure of personal safety for residents and employees, and greater protection for our facilities.

These are early days in our efforts to balance security concerns with access for residents. If you wish to comment on this change, please contact the Board via an email to the office at for Julie to forward or come to the next Board meeting on March 10th. If you need a key, please contact Julie in the office.

Temelec Board of Directors
February 2014

Alert – UPS Package Theft

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.59.52 AMThis was sent to the website from Janice Orner. Please report any suspicious activity to the police.
I wanted to share an alert for the Temelec Area.  I have had three boxes delivered by UPS and all three packages have been taken from my front porch.  That means someone had to enter through my gate, walk up to my front door and remove the packages.  You cannot see the packages from the street.  My sense is someone is following the UPS delivery truck. I checked on-line when UPS left the packages and I checked the front door in less than an hour after delivery and there were no packages.  I have several packages delivered with no problem. This is the first time I have had this problem.  I have contacted the shippers, UPS and the Sonoma Police Department.
Jan Orner

Tower Home Insurance Alert

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 2.10.16 PMI recently came across an article that alerted me to the risk of continuing to have my homeowners’ insurance with Tower. This was the company recommended by my Allstate agent when they ceased to write home policies in California. You can read the article by clicking here.

I have since switched to another company.   Francesca