2014 Election for HOA Board

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Elections to the Board of Directors are held annually on the First Tuesday of April. Our By-Laws set the closing date for nominations as February 25th. This year’s election will be for three Board members to serve a two-year term. As always, we are looking for volunteers for these positions. We would ask that homeowners seriously consider serving their community on these positions. If you have any interest, please provide your name to the office or contact Mike Cornelius, Chief Financial Officer at 935-9505.  If you have any questions relating to the duties or time commitment of a Board member, please contact any current Board member. Mike Cornelius, CFO

(The three Board positions up for election are currently held by Mike Cornelius, Richard Howell and Nancy Pharo, all of whom are eligible to run.)

Policy Update from the HOA Board


When you purchase property in Temelec, you encounter an obligation, (a contract) to pay monthly assessments for the cost of management and operation of our community.   Our CC&R’s state assessments “shall be due and payable on the first of each month”.   Periodically we have heard a homeowner whose property is on the market that they have been “advised” not to pay monthly assessments until the house sells or escrow closes.  Non-payment of dues is a violation of the homeowners contract with the association.

Regarding delinquent assessments the CC&R’s state in part: “Any installment or other portion of an Assessment not received within fifteen (15) days after its due date shall be delinquent and, to the fullest extent permitted by law shall be subject to interest and late charges……”.   I am currently in the process of bringing forward to the Board of Directors a policy update for consideration that will add interest and monthly fees to past due accounts.  The policy will also clarify when past due accounts will be turned over to collections and also establish a time certain when liens will be levied on the property.

I would expect to have the policy update available for Board of Director consideration in time for the September meeting of the Board.  The Board of Directors meetings are Open meetings and you are welcome and encouraged to attend and express your views.

Mike Cornelius

Chief Financial Officer


Bob Collins is leaving Temelec

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 6.30.02 PMThis is from the minutes of the June Board meeting, prepared by Kay Baker.

Bob Collins has submitted his resignation from the Board and as President. He is moving to Colorado in August where he will be with his daughters and spending more time with family. He joked that this is what most politicians do, but he did not want to be confused with a certain ex-Governor of Alaska who abandoned her term at mid-term. The group got a chuckle out of that reference. Bob has been coming to Temelec since 1964 when his parents located here. His daughters know the area well.

Bob has lived in Temelec for 23 years and loves the area. He will miss us, but I am sure many of us will miss him more!

He let the group know that the Vice President will assume his duties until the Board appoints a new person to the Board. He also assured the group that Temelec is in good hands with the current board. That the buildings and grounds are in excellent condition and this has been accomplished with no fee increase to homeowners.

Ron commented that Bob has served on the Board eight different times and how much his loyalty and contribution is appreciated. The entire group applauded Bob and expressed regret that he is leaving.

Alert: Spraying the Vineyard

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 8.03.21 AMFrom your HOA Board:

This Wednesday, the 12th, the vineyard next to Temelec will be spraying for mildew.  Homes located along the vineyard perimeter may notice the spraying and want to keep their windows closed during the spraying. Please pass this information along to your neighbors who may not have access to the website.

Annual Board Meeting Next Tuesday

An announcement for the Homeowners Annual Meeting was scheduled to appear in the April Smoke Signals.  Unfortunately, this announcement was omitted.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2nd, at 1:30pm in Temelec Hall.  The Board apologizes for this omission and urges you to attend the meeting where annual reports will be presented and election results announced.  Please pass this information along to any of your neighbors who may not be on the email distribution list.

Home Burglary Alert

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.20.08 AMA Temelec home was recently entered through an open side garage door in broad daylight, when the thieves determined there was no one home.

Residents should be aware and lock exterior doors and sliding glass doors when leaving your house. Shades or drapes should be drawn to prevent exterior observation.

Homes on the east boundary of Temelec nearest to Arnold Drive should be especially alert to the possiblility of pedestrian intruders.  The Sheriffs Department has been notified of this incident.

Thank you.
From your HOA Board