Bob Collins is leaving Temelec

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 6.30.02 PMThis is from the minutes of the June Board meeting, prepared by Kay Baker.

Bob Collins has submitted his resignation from the Board and as President. He is moving to Colorado in August where he will be with his daughters and spending more time with family. He joked that this is what most politicians do, but he did not want to be confused with a certain ex-Governor of Alaska who abandoned her term at mid-term. The group got a chuckle out of that reference. Bob has been coming to Temelec since 1964 when his parents located here. His daughters know the area well.

Bob has lived in Temelec for 23 years and loves the area. He will miss us, but I am sure many of us will miss him more!

He let the group know that the Vice President will assume his duties until the Board appoints a new person to the Board. He also assured the group that Temelec is in good hands with the current board. That the buildings and grounds are in excellent condition and this has been accomplished with no fee increase to homeowners.

Ron commented that Bob has served on the Board eight different times and how much his loyalty and contribution is appreciated. The entire group applauded Bob and expressed regret that he is leaving.