HOA Election Results

The results of the 2014 Election for three seats on the HOA Board are as follows:

Total Qualified Ballots = 177

  • Nancy Pharo      149
  • John Nichols      116
  • Richard Howell   113
  • Mike Cornelius   103

This means that Mike will be leaving the Board. The next regular meeting will be at 1.30pm on April 14th.

No Limit on Hotel Size in Sonoma

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.18.46 AMA controversial ballot measure that would limit hotel growth in Sonoma appeared headed for defeat Tuesday night, deflating proponents who argued that without such restrictions the city of 10,000 is in danger of being overrun by development and tourists.

What election officials called semifinal official results showed Measure B losing by just 92 votes, with 51.3 percent of ballots cast rejecting the measure. Of the 3,623 ballots cast, 1,853 went against Measure B, according to Sonoma County’s Registrar of Voters. Supporting the Hotel Limitation Measure were 1,761 Sonoma voters, or 48.7 percent.

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