HOA ELECTION: Candidates’ Statements

The following four people are running for three openings on the HOA Board. Their candidate statements are in alphabetical order. If you did not receive your ballot in the mail, please contact Julie in the office. Ballots are due before 1pm on April 1st.

Mike Cornelius

Sharon and I have lived in Temelec for over 20 years. I have served on the Board of Directors for approximately 15 of those years. In the past I have served as President, Vice-President and Secretary. I am currently serving as Chief Financial Officer. The Homeowner’s Association continues in a financially healthy position. Reserves are adequate for planned expenditures and bills are being paid on time. We annually have our finances reviewed by an outside auditor. Corporate memory is important in the work of the Board and I would like to continue for another two year term. I would appreciate your vote in the election for Directors for the Homeowner’s Association.

Richard Howell

I have served on the Temelec Homeowner’s Board for the past two years. I would like to serve for another term. In the past I have served on the Catholic Charities Board (Marin County) and presently deliver for Sonoma Meals on Wheels. My wife Sandie and I have enjoyed living in this unique community for the past 15 years. Being a member of the HOA Board has allowed me to work for the betterment and protection of our property values and the safety of our neighbors. I look forward to meeting you at the Candidates meet and greet on 3/9/14 at 2 PM.

John Nichols

My name is John Nichols. I am submitting my name for nomination as a candidate for the position on the Board of Directors of the Temelec Homeowner’s Association. I have been a current Temelec resident since October 2011 and was previously here for 2 years in 2002 to 2004.

My career has been in finance as a small business banker for financial institutions in the S.F. Bay area and Reno for over 35 years and most recently as a controller (finance) for a small construction supply company in San Rafael. I have an MBA from San Jose State.

I have served as an officer and director for a number of non-profit community based organizations and am familiar with the process of board activities and communication with members of the community.

I believe that the Temelec community is a wonderful home with good amenities and would like to contribute my talents to continue to make it enjoyable for everyone.

My feeling is that there could be better communication and transparency around the discussions and decisions of the Board. I would like to encourage more participation and dialogue through active committees and to reduce the number of “executive sessions” recognizing the limitations of the Brown Act and the Open Meeting guidelines.

I would appreciate your consideration of casting a vote for me in the upcoming Temelec HOA election and look forward to meeting you in person at the April 1st general meeting.

PS/ The website is a wonderful communication tool, for those that have not utilized it and would like to do so, the site to enroll is: temelecweb@gmail.com

Nancy Pharo

After living in Southern California for 35 years I moved to Sonoma and to Temelec 10 years ago. My move came from the desire to be closer to my son’s family and to my granddaughter who was then 3 years old.

While in Southern California I was Executive Administrator in the College of Medicine at UC Irvine for 17 years. After leaving UC Irvine I was asked to join the Arthritis Foundation Orange County Branch as Administrator, volunteer coordinator and member of the Board.

Because of a feeling of community and the warm friendships I quickly made I became an active participant in Temelec activities holding various positions on the Country Club Board and serving as past president of the Country Club.

As a member of the Homeowner’s Board I would like to see the resurrection of committees, encouraging volunteer participation and the exchange of ideas. I would also like to update the accessible parking for the handicapped.

I am happy to be and will continue to be an active member of this beautiful community