Chi Gong Class at the Hall

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 7.42.22 AMWill be you be in need of some relaxation and renewal after the holidays? Please join us for a weekly class with Robert Young, a popular teacher of Qigong or, Chi Gong, an ancient Chinese practice for health and vitality. Robert will be leading a class for Temelec residents at the Hall each Monday morning at 10am beginning on January 6.

Chi is thought to be life energy and gong means to cultivate, so chi gong is a practice that cultivates one’s vital life energy. The form that we will learn is easy to do and can be done either sitting or standing. It consists of gentle arm and body movements coordinated with the breath, that bring relaxation, focus, and fresh energy to the body and mind. Studies have shown that these practices have many health benefits including improved memory, more stamina, fewer colds and flu, improved muscle flexibility and joint mobility, better balance, and reduction in overall stress. Please come and join us, and give it a try! A $3 donation after each class would be welcome.