Urgent Request for Pool Volunteer

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.55.22 AMJulie is urgently requesting a volunteer or volunteers show up to check the chemicals at the large pool for 5 days per week. The present volunteer is going out of town until the 3rd week in Oct. so this would be for 10 weeks starting on Monday, August 26th. It can be a shared volunteer job if that works better. The County comes without notice throughout the season and if the daily log is not kept up, they have the option to close the pool since from their point of view the water may not be in healthy chemical balance.

Julie has been trying to find a volunteer and asked most of the users of the pool, but no one wants to do it. Unfortunately, if no one steps up to the plate, the pool may close earlier than Oct. 31st. 

If you want to help, please email Julie at temelecHOA@VOM.com or phone the office at 996-1076.