Temelec Crafts: Doll Clothes

We continue to highlight the residents of Temelec who use their talents to create handmade items to sell at craft shows, flea markets and garage sales.

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Do you know Dorothy Vanderpool? She and her husband built their home here in 1974 and she is one of the few original owners in the community. Dorothy shares her home with her daughter, Gayle Crawford, and a sorority of Barbies and American Girls.

Barbie, born in 1959, is almost old enough to qualify to live in Temelec. Dorothy welcomes the buxom lady into her dress designing studio on Temelec Drive, making sparkling gowns, smart pant suits and soft flannel nighties in all the colors of the rainbow.

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American Girl may be too young for our neighborhood but she is very quiet. Her wardrobe spans many historical periods as well as modern clothing. Daughter, Gayle, sews beside Dorothy for these 18″ dolls.

Gayle tells us: “These hand crafted items reside in our garage between craft faires. We get to play with dolls and no one questions our mental state!”

To find out more, call Gayle at 935-1182