Important Message from Sonoma County Water Agency

The Sonoma County Water Agency is offering free water and energy surveys (as well as installation of a free smoke detector) to all Temelec residents for 2 weeks in January (January 4 – January 15). This program is funded by a partnership between local government agencies including Sonoma County Water Agency, Social Advocates for Youth, County of Sonoma Health Services, and County of Sonoma Emergency Services.

The free survey includes:

–          Energy efficiency review of the house

–          Indoor water efficiency leak check

–          Installation of free faucet aerators, as needed

–          Smoke detector test

–          Installation of free smoke detector, as needed

Temelec residents must call to make an appointment to schedule their survey. The phone number is 707-547-1909. For more information, visit

We will be mailing out flyers to all Temelec residents in the next few weeks. Happy holidays!

Claire Nordlie

Senior Water Programs Specialist

Sonoma County Water Agency

(707) 524-1165